Advisory office

INTTRA2, company exclusively dedicated to advice to ISO 9001:2008, EN9100:2010, GDP and LOPD, offering us needed technical support in order to obtain the following objective: La a full satisfaction from our clients.


TWe have agreements with several schools from the metropolitan area of Barcelona which offer trainees.

The aim of this task is to contribute to the technical training of future mechanic and the possibility to offer them a future job within the same company.




We closely collaborate with enterprises of complementary areas offering a large range of full of services. The relationship is direct between the client and those enterprises in order to receive an agile and specialized technical attention.

We offer to our client search providers and assuring them to cover a big part of their needs for mechanical, metallic or technical plastics pieces:

  • Bar- turning
  • Mechanisation with Transfers
  • Thermal Treatments
  • Gears
  • Grinding profile
  • Electro erosion