Precision machining workshop

Precision machining workshopTotal Planning has always been characterized by its high quality, professionalism, constant growth, evolution and commitment to customers. Its projects and work processes are backed by more than 60 years of experience, by quality certificates that are renewed annually and by a park  of machinery formed by cutting-edge technology in the sector.  

The company has a large precision  machining  workshop consisting of 4 lathes and 8 CNC machining centers of 3, 4 and 5 axes. A modern technology to meet the demands of customers and successfully manage the completion of all pieces and projects.

In our machining workshop we work with all kinds of materials such as aluminum, carbon steels, stainless steels, technical plastics, special alloys, non-ferrous metals (brass, bronze, copper), or forging, among many othersOur team of professionals mechanizes small and medium series of approximately 5 to 500 units, as well as prototypes and unique pieces. In addition, we carry out a wide variety of additional processes to offer a complete and global customer service. From thermal treatments such as tempering, induction hardening, nitro-carburation or cementing to treatments and surface coatings that include blued, galvanized, nickel-plated, anodized, painted, chromed, gummed, ground, polished, sandblasted...

In order to meet the high demands of customers, Total Planning renews the machinery park every year with the replacement or incorporation of new machining centers.

Total Planning will be approved in September with the ISO 13485 Medical Certification

Medical technology is key to Total Planning and is one of its main areas of billing. Today it reaches a quota of up to 35% in the company, a number that will undoubtedly continue to increase and will be higher in the future. The company is immersed in its process of specialization in the medical sector in which it has been working for the last 30 years and that is why from next September, Total Planning will be certified with a key certification, the medical standard ISO 13485 which refers to the quality management system applicable to medical devices.
Total Planning estará homologada en septiembre con la Certificación médica ISO 13485

It is a worldwide benchmark for good practices in quality management systems for medical devices and equipment and establishes a series of regulatory requirements for customer satisfaction and continuous improvement.

Total Planning will receive this new quality certification, ISO EN13485:2016, which is in addition to those already achieved by the company, ISO 9001:2008 and the aeronautical standard EN9100:2009.

Total Planning's commitment to quality has always been one of its constants. The company develops pieces of maximum complexity for different sectors and endorsed by a permanent quality that year after year is certified by these standards. This is the added value of the company, the bonus it offers to each of its customers and one of its main hallmarks. And in this way, the company achieves one of its main objectives, achieving a maximum level of satisfaction in all its customers.


Comprehensive services and additional processes

Total Planning is a precision machining company that offers a comprehensive service to their customers. Its machinery park formed by different machining centers and CNC lathes covers the mechanization of all types of parts, materials and morphology. The objective of the company is to provide the customer with the finished product and therefore offers different additional processes:Servicios integrales y procesos adicionales

  1. Acquisition of the raw material: We mechanize all kinds of materials, from common steels to other more special ones such as carbon or titanium, as well as a wide range of non-ferrous metals and technical plastics.
  2. Machining process: In our machinery park, we work with pieces of different sizes and morphology, turned or milled pieces starting from materials in bar, cast iron or plate.
  3. Thermal and surface treatments: We manage the finishes of the product, the treatments that are required (thermal or chemical) as well as the necessary coatings and certificates.
  4. Quality control: We have our own laboratory that is in charge of exhaustively controlling the quality throughout the process to meet the requirements of customers.
  5. Assembly of small sets: We assemble machined parts in our facilities together with other commercial materials or manufactured in complementary processes to ours. In this way, we get the perfect fit and performance of the final product.

Our technicians also optimize each manufacturing to adjust it to the needs of each client. In this way, our specialized department is in charge of deciding which is the best productive process to follow according to the capacities and objectives.

Total Planning collaborates with different companies to fulfill the different processes of each job and in the selection of those collaborators, the company demands an absolute quality, the same quality that is imposed on itself. In this way, the customer will receive the fully finished product and also meeting the high quality requirements that he demands.

Total Planning, guaranteed quality in each of the pieces

Total Planning is characterized by high quality in all manufacturing processes and by perfect finishes that meet the high demands of the sector. The company is a leader in the industrial machinery manufacturing sector in certain areas, such as the medical technology, machinery and packaging or aeronautics and defense sectors. The company develops pieces of maximum complexity and offers defined and perfect finishes that comply with high parameters of demand.
Total Planning, calidad garantizada en cada una de sus piezas

One of the priorities of the company is quality, a permanent quality in all the processes and therefore in each of the pieces that it develops. This is the added value that Total Planning offers their customers, and for this reason the company is in continuous process of certification of their standards. 

The company is currently certified with the ISO 9001:2008 and the aeronautical EN9100:2009 standards. As of September 2018, the company will also be certified with the medical standard EN13485: 2016.

Thanks to the company's own metrology laboratory department, Total Planning maintains an exhaustive control of manufacturing during all processes. The company always adapts the needs of each client to their capabilities optimizing each manufacturing and offering a high quality in each of the phases. The result is a high rate of customer satisfaction and, therefore, of the company.