Total Planning, goals and objectives for 2017

About to end 2016, at Total Planning we face the new year with great enthusiasm and with the illusion of continuing to grow every day. 2017 will be a year of continuous progression and growth, where the European market will continue to be one of the main objectives of the company. Today we want to present the objectives of the company for this new year:

  1. International Growth: Consolidate current foreign customers and convert into customers many offers that we have made during 2016. We are working hard from Germany with the German and French market. From Spain, we want to boost the Portuguese market; a close but also “unknown” market, where we can be a very interesting company. To do this, we want to take advantage of the Kompass portal, where the company has been present since autumn 2016 and also the grant of the ICEX NEXT program.
  2. Aerospace Meetings in Lisbon: Total Planning will attend these B2B meetings of the aeronautical sector on February 1 and 2. In this way, we are committed to strengthening the Portuguese market.
  3. The company will also be present at the Medical Devices Meetings in Stuttgart, Germany, which will be held on March 8 and 9. These are also B2B meetings in the medical sector.
  4. 4. Participation in the Hannover Subcontracting Fair, for the second consecutive year. This event will take place from 24 to 28 April 2017.
  5. On the other hand, we want to maintain and strengthen the new customers reached in 2016. Consolidating relationships with great future prospects is paramount for the company.
  6. Renovation of the machinery park. It is another of the objectives pursued by the company in order to continue offering the best service and quality to all customers. We have just signed the purchase of a new 4-axis machine, Bridgeport V1000, which will arrive at our facilities during the first half of 2017.
  7. Improve production processes. We will continue with the optimization of repetitive jobs in order to achieve greater profitability by improving speed and achieving faster jobs, and on the other hand reducing tool wear , among other costs. In 2016 a lot of importance has been given to this aspect and we consider it essential to be profitable. There is always room for improvement.
  8. Implementation of a new ERP. We are starting with the data dump from the old program to the new one, with which we hope to be more productive. SIDDEX, the program that the company has opted for, unites each and every one of our departments.
  9. Creation of the purchasing department, in order to make each of our departments more effective and productive.

These are the main challenges that the company faces for next year. It will be 12 months of hard work with the aim of continuing to grow internationally with a constant, quality and continuous improvement in each of the services and processes.

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