Large machinery park

TOTAL PLANNING has a large park of numerical control machinery, consisting of machining centers with numerical control (3, 4 and 5 axes), numerical control lathes and a conventional milling cutter.
Similarly, we have auxiliary machinery that allows us to completely finish the machined parts.

We have a production capacity of over 30,000 per year, divided into two work shifts.

CNC lathes

Optimum turning dimensions range between Ø5 and Ø850. For the machining center, we can machine parts up to 1,000mm long.

CNC machining centers

We specialize in small and medium manufacturing lots: between 5 and 500 units; although we can also make unique pieces or prototypes.

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Presetting ZOLLER SMILE 420

Since July 2021, TOTAL PLANNING has a new measuring device. It is a presetting of the house ZOLLER; SMILE 420 model.

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This device, which is connected to the numerical control of the machines, is responsible for measuring the tools and gauge them in the tool room; instead of carrying out this process in the machine (while it is stopped without producing). This supposes a productive advantage, since while the tools are measured in the presetting, the numerical control machines continue working, thus optimizing the productive hours.

While a machine is running, the operator can move forward with a second preparation, which will be ready as soon as the one in process is finished. With this we achieve that the next part preparation to be made in the machine is carried out in the shortest possible time; thus improving production ratios.

Likewise, this device is in charge of checking the state of the tools it prepares, avoiding breakage of these once they are in production.

Auxiliary Machinery available

Auxiliar MachineryModel
1 ultrasonic machineSafety Kleen SK300
1 Presetting, aparato de ajuste y medición Zoller Smile 420
1 Contraction adjustment machine
Haimer Power Clamp Mini
1 Presetting, aparato de ajuste y medición Nikken Elbo Wasp
1 bench drill
2 sanders
Super Lema, Gala Sol Bb-2
2 Grinders, Formis Polishers
1 Tool grinder
Jeyma AF
1 drill column
Erlo TCA-35
1 bench drill
Ara Mon 501
1 Spindle Manual Press -
1 presetting
Nikken Elbo Wasp
1 band saw
Karmetal 300 OSA

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We have the international environmental standard ISO14001 since December 2021