Machining of aluminium parts

mecanizados en aluminio
At Total Planning, we machine all types of materials: steel, stainless steel, technical plastics, copper, brass… but mainly, we work with aluminium. Nearly 80% of our products are made from this material. But why? Because of the many advantages it provides over other materials.Some of these advantages include the following:

  • It is a material that is very corrosion-resistant. Depending on the alloy used, various post-treatments can be applied, for all types of outdoor use.
  • It is a good heat (it accumulates heat for a short time) and electric conductor.
  • It is lightweight. Its weight is approximately one third of the weight of steel. For this reason, aluminium is frequently used in the aeronautical sector or in machinery manufacturing, where the weight of the pieces is an important consideration.
  • Low-density. It makes it easy to machine and causes little wear to the tools used. All this results in low energy consumption.
  • It is a soft material; which allows it to be easily worked on the machine; producing an electrical consumption 3 times lower than the machining of steel and faster than the latter.
  • It is an affordable material (very abundant worldwide) and 100% recyclable.

These combined characteristics, mainly the low density and its high resistance to corrosion, make aluminium one of the most universally used materials. Its multiple alloys are applied to sectors such as the automotive, machine-tools, railway, aeronautical, etc.

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