TOTAL PLANNING is the transformation of a story that began more than 60 years ago, when our founders, Mr. José Rodríguez and Mrs. Carmela Cortés, began their journey in a small workshop on Sardenya Street in Barcelona.

Its commitment to quality has been passed from generation to generation, until reaching the current and third generation, whose main objective has been the CONTINUITY and growth of the family business.

Since then, the great commitment to the QUALITY of our products and services and CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT has led our customers to place their TRUST in our good work.

The RENEWAL in these decades has been carried out in accordance with the new needs of the market, investing in machinery and technology in a manner consistent with the demands of our customers, complying with the applicable regulatory and legal requirements.

Together with one of our main objectives, the full SATISFACTION OF OUR CUSTOMERS, and the progressive and greater awareness, both in the market and in society, for SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT, has led us to commit ourselves to a greater extent with the protection of the environment, human and labor rights and for an ethical and legal practice in all areas of activity.

The commitment of the human team of our staff is another of the pillars of Total Planning, because, without a qualified, committed and satisfied staff, it would not be possible to maintain the level of demand of our clients.

Our goal in the medium and long term is to continue to be a benchmark company in precision machining, focused on serving the health and medical sector, growing in the national and international market, and offering a service of the highest quality, accompanied by cutting-edge technology. and of a competent human team committed to the new path undertaken by all of us who make up TOTAL PLANNING.

Approved by: Bea Rodríguez / Víctor Rodríguez

R1/P5.1 Ed.3 02/10/2020

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We have the international environmental standard ISO14001 since December 2021