• TOTAL PLANNING is the transformation of a story that began more than 60 years ago when our founders, Mr. José Rodríguez and Mrs. Carmela Cortés, started a path in a small workshop on Sardenya Street in Barcelona.


  • Its commitment to quality has been passed from generation to generation until it reaches the current and third, involved in the family business continuity project.


  • Since then the quality of our products and services has been a benchmark in which our customers have placed their trust. Hence, your satisfaction is one of our priority commitments and objectives.


  • With a strong commitment to quality we can achieve one of our permanent objectives: THE FULL SATISFACTION OF OUR CUSTOMERS THROUGH THE FULFILLMENT OF THEIR REQUIREMENTS closely linked to the CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT of the System itself.


  • In order to deal with all these aspects, TOTAL PLANNING has had to be renewed according to the new market needs and invest in machinery and technology consistent with the demands of our customers, in accordance with the applicable regulatory and legal requirements.


  • The commitment of the human team is also one of our pillars since without a qualified and committed staff it would not be possible to maintain the level of demand of our customers.


  • TOTAL PLANNING is aware that the environment plays a key role in these times, for this reason, we believe that our commitment must be of prevention and proper management of both our waste and the natural resources used through compliance with legal requirements.


  • We project in the medium-long term to continue being a leading company in the precision machining sector, growing in the national and international market and offering a top quality service accompanied by cutting-edge technology and a competent team committed to the new path undertaken by all of us who compose TOTAL PLANNING.


Approved by: Manel Rodríguez Cortés / Bea Rodríguez / Víctor Rodríguez

Edition 2 03/15/2019

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