The range of mechanized parts by Total Planning is very wide: different sizes and different morphology; turned or milled parts; starting from materials in bar, plate, plate or cast iron.
The link between all our customers allows us to offer quality service and added value: complex parts and strict tolerances are our specialty.


In Total Planning we work for very diverse sectors and each of these has different characteristics from each other.


We work mainly with short and medium series (manufacturing batches of between 5 and 500 units), as well as prototypes.


The optimal dimensions of machining would be between Ø5 to Ø850 mm in lathes and 1,000 x 500 x 500 in machining centers (3, 4 and 5 axes).


Everything and that our specialty is based on the machining of short and medium series, we also offer our customers the machining of prototypes and unique pieces.

On the one hand, we offer the machining of prototypes and pre-series; Essential service for those companies that need to develop their product before launching the series.

On the other hand, to give service to those companies that, due to their type of work, the pieces are never serialized or repetitive.



Our specialty focuses on the machining of parts in short and medium series; between 5 and 250 units. Mostly, these are repetitive jobs over time, everything and that can also be specific jobs without repetitiveness.

Piece for the aeronautical sector. Material: stainless Manufacturing lots of 500 units.

Piece in stainless. Small dimensions and very strict tolerances (Ø1,5H7). Manufacturing lots: 50 units.

Piece for the medical sector. Material: aluminum Bevelled piece completely in machine. Treatment: hard anodized. Manufacturing lots: 100 units.

Piece for the aeronautical sector / satellites. Material: 7075 aluminum. Critical piece, 2mm thick and 150 x 300mm; with a flatness of 0.1 mm.

Cast aluminum part. Machined in 1 single staked, in 5-axis machine. Manufacturing lots: 25 units.

Piece for the naval sector. Material: brass (stamping). Chrome after machining. Manufacturing lots: 200 units.

Precision machining solutions

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