Advantages of our lathes

Our turning section consists of four CNC lathes, with a production capacity of 10,000 h per year.

In them, we can turn parts that oscillate between Ø5 and Ø850mm and very different series: from single pieces to lots of up to 500 – 1,000 units.

List of available lathes

CNC lathesDimensions
1 HARRISON 180 XS with CNC FANUC850mm x 2.000 mm long.
1 DECKEL NEF 520 SEMICONTROL with CNC HEINDENHAIN 285mm x 500 mm long.
1 OKUMA LB 15 II M (monitorizes tools) with CNC OSP 700L 360mm x 500 mm long.
1 OKUMA LB 15 with CNC OSP 5000L 250mm x 500 mm long.

Precision machining solutions

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