Machinery and packaging, the sector with the highest turnover

Total Planning is a company that stands out for its versatility and ability to adapt to different sectors and countries that require their services. In billing 2015, the national market leads the ranking with 90% of turnover, followed by France 8% and minor importance Germany and Portugal. Some data, which, however, have undergone changes this year due to the intense work that the company has developed internationally. The company wanted to focus on the french, german and portuguese markets, and start with the Dutch market, aiming to increase in that segment.

As for the billing by sectors, highlights the area of machinery and packaging with a turnover amounting to 34% of the company. Followed by the medical/health sector (29%) and then the aerospace and space (11%). Two industries that are based on the requirements of the EN9100 standard, which is fully integrated into the quality system Total Planning. The company wants to diversify the number of sectors and customers by providing quality above all. It works under a set parameters and perhaps does not fit their rates in any market, but it does its added value. That is the quality offered to its customers.

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