At TOTAL PLANNING we want to promote all those projects that make people’s day-to-day life easier and improve their quality of life and independence.In this sense, we have been working for the medical sector for years, offering mechanised solutions for: devices for clinical diagnoses; laser devices for medical and aesthetic use; maintenance of medical equipment; packing machines for medical equipment (containers, vials, full and closed syringes); and solutions for people with physical disabilities.

To comply with the last point, we have worked with BJ Adaptaciones for over 10 years. It is an assistive technology company specialising in the design, development and implementation of customised technological and innovative solutions for people with disabilities.

Our contribution is based on the mechanisation of some of the parts that are integrated in several of their products. For example, we have developed some supports to adapt laptops or communicators to be able to put them on wheelchairs.


This way, people who cannot talk or who have difficulties with their speech, can communicate at any time and in any situation, whether they are adults who have mastered reading and writing or children who are beginning to communicate with pictograms. Some of the communicators of BJ Adaptaciones can work just with sight, enabling people with no mobility to continue to be connected and control different elements in their home (doors, lights, etc.).

We have also developed other products, such as a chin support with the BJOY Chin mouse set, thanks to which people with little mobility can control their computer with precision using their chin.

We hope that companies such as BJ Adaptaciones continue working and innovating in essential products that have a positive social impact.


If you would like further information about them, visit their website

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