Total Planning joins CEDEC to achieve business excellence

Total Planning has shared its experience with CEDEC©, the European Centre for Economic Development and since last March, the company is already present on its website. Total Planning carried out a consultancy with CEDEC© in March in order to analyze the operation and control of the company, and thus develop a planning control system in the production plant. The main objective is to improve and increase productivity by controlling each process and establishing the means of coordination that favor good functioning.

CEDEC© has accompanied us for 3 weeks in a rigorous, professional and effective way to study and analyze these aspects and establish parameters that favor our productivity and help us improve day by day with the aim of achieving business excellence.

CEDEC©, based in Brussels, Milan, Geneva and Barcelona, is a leading European company in all types of strategic and organizational consulting services for SMEs since 1965.

In this way, Total Planning continues to grow and has already become part of the large number of European companies satisfied and willing to share their history at CEDEC©. Thanks to this, the company will be visible to thousands of European entrepreneurs from various countries, a factor that favors its progression and international growth.


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