Quality in all processes: our hallmark

In Total Planning we have always characterized by having a strong commitment to quality in all procedures performed at our facilities. This requires three basic pillars: quality management, commitment and traceability.

Quality management

To achieve this goal are essential the verifications that we perform throughout the whole process. These results give us a minimum number of rejects and incidents and therefore a high degree of satisfaction of our customers that every day relies on our services.

Our quality system is guaranteed by ISO 9001: 2008 and as we saw in another article of the blog, by the aeronautical Norm 9100: 2010, obtained by the end of 2014.


In Total Planning we work for sectors such as aeronautics or medical which require a high level of demand. Our team of workers is aware of the challenge that this represents and responds with a full commitment to quality.


Finally, with regard to product, we control its traceability at all its steps. This process begins with the purchase of the material, continues with the production process and external phases as treatments and ends with the expedition of the finished product and ready to deliver. Furthermore, all stages are properly documented as required by each client.

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We have the international environmental standard ISO14001 since December 2021