Comprehensive services and additional processes

Total Planning is a precision machining company that offers a comprehensive service to its customers. Its machinery park formed by different machining centers and CNC lathes covers the mechanization of all types of parts, materials and morphology. The objective of the company is to supply the customer with the finished product and therefore offers different additional processes:additional processes

  1. Acquisition of the raw material: We machine all types of materials , from common steels to more special ones such as carbon or titanium through a wide range of non-ferrous metals and technical plastics .
  2. Machining process: In our machinery park, we work with pieces of various sizes and morphology, turned or milled pieces starting from materials in bar, casting, plate or plate.
  3. Heat and surface treatments: We manage the finishes of the product, the treatments that are required (thermal or chemical) as well as the necessary coatings and certificates.
  4. Quality control: We have our own laboratory that is responsible for exhaustively controlling the quality throughout the process to meet the requirements of customers.
  5. Assembly of small assemblies: We carry out the assembly of mechanized parts in our facilities together with other commercial materials or manufactured in complementary processes to ours. In this way, we achieve the perfect fit and operation of the final product.

Our technicians also optimize each manufacture to adjust it to the needs of each client. In this way, our specialized department is responsible for deciding which is the best production process to follow according to the capabilities and objectives.

Total Planning collaborates with various companies to comply with the different processes of each work and in the selection of these collaborators, the company demands absolute quality, the same quality that is imposed on itself. In this way, the customer will receive the product fully finished and meeting the high quality requirements demanded.

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