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Total Planning is a company that stands out for its versatility and its ability to adapt to various industries for which it works. Thanks to the diversity of materials and the type of pieces that the company machines, it provides services to a large number of professional sectors. From machinery and packing up to medical, Aeronautics and space, telecommunications, petrochemical sector, railway, engineering and automobile. Total Planning, which has 60 years of experience, offers a personalized service to each of its customers.

By business volume, machinery and packaging sector is the most important key of the company, representing 35% of the total. Total Planning machines and assembles sets of a wide range of essential components for machinery manufacturers in general and mainly for food packaging, for laboratories, pharmaceutical…The company offers direct technical cooperation to their clients, to obtain the best process and at the best price. Total Planning not only machines the pieces, but it also is in charge of purchasing all the necessary components (laser, precision turned parts, commercial materials, in addition to the necessary treatments, bluing, zinc-coating, gumming…) and carry out the installation and the subsequent testing of the product. There are medium and large series (between 50 and 250 pieces per lot).


The second sector by business volume is the medical and pharmaceutical. The medical industry is key to the company and one of the markets where most growth is taking her. Total Planning manufactures a wide range of components, in addition to diagnosis, surgical instrumentation, packaging, etc. The most important requirement for this sector is the quality and therefore the company works with total precision and commitment. They machines, among other, components for machines of blood tests, so it’s aesthetically perfect and perfectly finished pieces with an after treatment -anodized or anodized hard- and without any deviation. Medium-sized series, ranging from 20 to 100 pieces per lot are.

Finally, in third position by volume is the aeronautical and space industry. It’s an important area that has shown big resistance to cycles of economic crisis. Within this industry, Total Planning works by machining various planes references (aircrafts and helicopters), telescopes, satellites and defense… These tend to be machined in specific materials such as aluminum, composites or titanium, materials that trying to reduce the weight of the aircraft. Small series (between 1 and 20 pieces per lot) are manufactured in.

In short, Total Planning is characterized by its quality and its commitment to work and customer and it is immersed in sectors for which serves, looking for the link with them through care and a result which highlights the excellence.

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