The four keys to Total Planning for 2016

Total Planning begins 2016 with several clear premises to pursue during these next twelve months. A year of work to meet objectives and continue to grow both nationally and internationally in all areas, human factor, customers, development, machinery … These are the main keys that the company is considering in this new year.

  1. One of the main objectives of Total Planning is to maintain its international development and continue to increase the percentage of export with respect to the total turnover of the company. To this end, the company plans to attend several international subcontracting fairs this year, which will allow it to consolidate itself in the European market, specifically in France and Germany. One of the events that the company will attend is the Hannover Fair that will take place in April, from the 25th to the 29th.
  2. Another key that the company pursues is to increase the overall turnover with respect to the numbers of 2015. An objective that will allow them to remain a benchmark in the market and as a leading brand against the competition.
  3. In addition, Total Planning works constantly for customers and therefore, another premise that the company will pursue this 2016 is the improvement of customer service and in all aspects, both in quality of work and delivery times. To this end, the company will renew its machinery fleet, replacing between one and two 3-axis machines and will also work on the constant training of personnel, thus betting on the company’s human capital.
  4. Finally, the fourth premise that Total Planning expects to achieve in the coming months is the improvement in energy savings with different modifications in the company’s infrastructure.

There are four objectives that will mark the development and growth of the company throughout 2016 but always maintaining the maximum of constant quality and continuous improvement in each of the processes, together with the service of total customer satisfaction.

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