The importance of quality in machining

The quality is an issue that takes on great importance in the manufacturing industry and its management must be planned in detail, with quality objectives to long term and a constant or permanent improvement strategy. Total Planning always bets for taking care of this aspect and to ensure the quality in each of its processes and therefore works under ISO 9001:2008 Certification and Aeronautics Norm EN 9100:2009 (renewed this week).

There are many advantages that brings this referential to the company as an improvement of the prestige, the increase of the competitiveness, in addition to promoting the confidence of customers through a quality management that provides transparency and efficiency in all processes.

The development of machining does not stop due to the evolution of the technologies that involve improvements in the processes and methodologies of the same, as in the types of cuts and materials, and is therefore necessary elements of precision and quality are generated on an ongoing basis.

The collaboration of all the pillars of the company is required to carry out appropriate management of quality. Both staff and senior management must work together to ensure the continuous improvement of processes and compliance with the policy established through a series of action plans, the implementation of strategies and finally, an evaluation and control. This process is an essential part of the operation of the company to guarantee the quality and therefore, the satisfaction of customers.

Precision machining make reference to strict and rigid industrial processes in the service of the most demanding sectors, that no could be carried out without the full quality commitment.

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