The internationalization of the precision machining service

Total Planning maintains a constant maxim, developing international growth at European level without any limitations and for all types of sectors and industries. Europe is the priority objective in the internationalization of its services and its main bet. France and Germany, in particular, are the main working countries for the company thanks to the work of commercial agents in these two areas and the continuous work of the company to gain a foothold in that market. Attendance at subcontracting fairs favors this development, which has led to a remarkable export growth in recent years.

Total Planning is characterized by this continuous development in Europe, thanks to the quality and demand of its services. The company has always been firmly committed to growing in the international market and, thanks to this, has reaped great benefits. International clients include several multinationals from different fields such as aeronautics, engineering, medical technology and the railway sector.

The Chamber of Commerce of Barcelonhas been important for the company in this process of internationalization, thanks to a joint collaboration in missions, fairs and commercial meetings that has favored this European development. The growth is continuous and that is why the company attends several international events every year. In this case, the company will attend, next April, the Hannover Fair with the aim of achieving relations with international companies. It will be an important meeting point with purchasing managers of other companies. In addition, thanks to different programs promoted by the Chamber of Commerce, the company will come into direct contact with potential customers.

An internationalization that began approximately 10 years ago and that every day acquires more importance at the level of turnover. The company continues to progress in its European adventure, year after year, and working in powerful and very demanding markets, which guarantees the constant quality and effectiveness of its services. Although Europe is the main market for action for Total Planning, the company does not rule out opening other borders in the future.

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