The materials of our machining

In Total Planning we mechanize all kinds of materials like aluminum, plastic, steel, stainless steel or brass. Each of them involves the use of specific tools for a quality manufacturing that meets all the requirements demanded by the customer. Today we present some graphs on the use of these materials in the past year 2016.

The most used materials for our precision machining are aluminum (45%), followed by plastic (24%) and thirdly steel (22%). Finally there is the Inox (5%) and brass with 4%.

As far as plastic is concerned, we can divide it into 8 families of different plastics. The most used plastics are POM (33%), PETP (25%) that occupies the second position, followed by methacrylate, PMMA, with 21%. El resto de familias derivadas del plástico se mantienen en un segundo plano y son utilizadas con menor asiduidad (PEEK, PTFE, PF, Poliamidas y Polietileno).

These are the percentages that define the use of each material during the work and machining of Total Planning in 2016.In addition, in each project not only can vary the materials, but also the tools used. Each material has different characteristics and therefore the tools must also vary depending on the hardness, the way of working, or the ease of working the material, among other specifications. From the technical office department they are in charge of optimizing these tools with the aim of being able to work each material of each of the fabrications in a perfect way.

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