Total Planning is already a new PIMEC partner

Total Planning is in luck. The company is already part of PIMEC as an associated entity. PIMEC, micro petita i mitjana empresa de Catalunya, works for SMEs and freelancers to promote their economic development and look after their interests thanks to their work and constant presence in actions, meetings and commissions of interest to SMEs and their competitiveness.

In this way, Total Planning will have access to a large number of services, such as institutional support, legal advice, marketing and communication actions, insurance mediation, business strategies, internationalization, customized training plans, human resources management, access to new technologies and innovation programs, among others.

Undoubtedly, it is a wide range of services that will provide the company with all kinds of benefits and advantages to promote its progress and development. PIMEC has also developed a working tool so that the different partners can streamline their business and promote their visibility to other partner companies.

The benefits do not end there. The institution also negotiates annually all types of collaboration agreements with third companies to obtain special and exclusive advantages and discounts. It is a special service to promote the competitiveness and economic savings of each of the partners.

Thanks to this collaboration agreement, Total Planning is already part of an entity that will represent and defend its interests at all times thanks to its acting as economic and social agent in public policies, legislative initiatives and before all types of advisory bodies.

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