Total Planning participates in business meetings in the region of Lake Constance (Germany)

The next day, October 6 will take place in the region of Lake Constance (Germany) the first business meeting with buyers, where Total Planning will be present. It is a key appointment for the interests of the company and is held in a reference point in Europe which borders with 4 countries, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Liechtenstein.

It is an event organized by the Chamber of Commerce of Sabadell through his bag Industrial Subcontracting and also in collaboration with ACTION offices in Berlin and Stuttgart. The aim is to promote and encourage the internationalization of industrial subcontracting companies, through meetings with purchasing managers of major companies in the area interested in new suppliers. The event is aimed at the aeronautical sector, machinery, automobile, medical and energy industry, leading sectors with which Total Planning works.

It is, therefore a key appointment to get new customers through one-to-one meetings. A day full of meetings with companies interested in the work of the company and who previously have already requested a meeting with the team. In addition, there will be service showroom and graphic material, as well as personalized advice. Thus, Total Planning continues to promote a European and international development thanks to quality work and pointer that places it as a leader in its sector.

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