Training future professionals

In Total Planning we contribute to the technical training of future mechanics through collaborations with secondary schools in the Barcelona area, such as Salesianos, la Escuela del Trabajo, el Instituto de la Merced y el Instituto Pompeu Fabra among others.

In this way, we offer students the opportunity to see first-hand how a company works and implement all the knowledge learned, while improving day by day.

This learning period in our company can open the doors of a workplace, as some have the possibility to become part of our team after the end of the traineeship.

To improve the relationship between schools and the company, we also organized regularly visits of these schools to our facilities. The purpose of these meetings is that young people see how the day-to-day is in a machining workshop. Here, in addition to receiving the relevant explanations, they also have the chance to ask and answer questions, a very important point in their training.

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